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How do I uninstall and re install Samurai Siege from my device?

Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016 02:39PM UTC
Please make sure to sync your account with a Game Center or Google+ account before uninstalling the game; press Menu / Settings / Accounts and enter a valid account. Failing to meet this requirement could lead to account loss.

To uninstall and reinstall Samurai Siege on your device please do the following.

On iOS device:

1. Hold any icon on your device until all of them start to shake; you will see an "x" next to each app that you can delete.
2. Touch the "x" on the samurai siege icon . You  have to confirm the deletion.
3. Re-download the app from your iTunes
4. Open the App

On Android device:
1. Go to Google Play App
2. Select "My Apps" (Click on the "Play Store" Icon in the top left)
3. Tap on "Samurai Siege"
4. Press Uninstall
5. Go back to Samurai Siege and click Install

 If you are still having problems or concerns, please contact us via email: support@spaceapegames.com.

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