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How do I report a player who is suspected of foul play?

Last Updated: Nov 03, 2014 05:14PM UTC

We make every effort to make sure the game is fair for everyone, however there are a small number of players who may be suspected of foul play.

When to report someone:

- If your battle log shows a 100% victory with only one troop spent.
- If your battle log shows a 100% victory with more troops than the 220 maximum amount of yard space allows for. For example 44 rams is legitimate, 45 is not and should be reported. Troop yard space requirements can be found here: http://duxter.com/game/samurai-siege/wiki/page/troops/.

If you notice either of these, please send an abuse report to cheat@spaceapegames.com immediately.

When not to report someone:

- The replay of a battle is different to the result displayed in the Battle Log. Your Battle Log will always display the correct result.
- Disconnection during a battle.

To help us make sure we deal with your report promptly and accurately, please be sure to include the following information:

- Your village name
- Attacking village name and alliance
2 screenshots: one showing the end of the attack while watching the replay and another showing your history log.

Where we have identified that foul play has occurred we may offer compensation.


What are we doing to stop this from happening?


Any players who have been found to be cheating or otherwise breaking the Terms of Service (http://www.spaceapegames.com/terms/) may have their user account permanently suspended.

We routinely ban players from trying to cheat in game. If you are considering downloading any software from 3rd party sites please be aware that these often contain malware and will result in termination of your Samurai Siege account. If you are in an alliance where others are using such software your account will also be treated as suspicious and liable for suspension so please be vigilant against rogue players who are promoting this software.

 If you are still having problems or concerns, please contact us via email: support@spaceapegames.com.

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