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Suspicious Activities in Rival Kingdoms

Last Updated: Oct 06, 2015 01:17PM UTC
Suspicious activities in Rival Kingdoms

Rival Kingdoms is a competitive game and we understand that players who spend a lot of time or money on it need to know they are doing so with a level playing field. We can assure you that we put top priority on ensuring this is the case.
Generally there are two types of ways players try to gain an unfair advantage in our game.
1. Installing third party software that modifies the operation of the code.
Our Terms of use clearly outline this is prohibited. It is clearly unethical and in some cases illegal. We have no hesitation in banning and in some cases consideration of legal action against players who do this.
We’ve set up a dedicated email hotline to report suspected cheating (cheat@spaceapegames.com).  
2. Exploiting a bug in the official version of the game that not all players might be aware of.

Attempts to find loopholes to take advantage of a game are a common occurrence that happens on all gaming platforms.  However you should judge developers by what actions they take to react to exploits, and you should hold us accountable for that as it is something we pride ourselves in. 

If you feel you have been on the receiving end of someone attempting to gain an advantage in the game please contact us via email: support@spaceapegames.com.

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