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Daily Campaigns

Last Updated: Oct 06, 2015 01:29PM UTC

Daily Campaigns

Starting Monday, each day we will introduce a special elemental themed node as part of a daily campaign.

There are 3 missions each day with increasing difficulty. Each time you win a battle within the daily campaign, a star activates and on the third, you receive added bonuses.

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Nature
  • Ice
  • Death

To participate in the elemental daily campaign, you must:

  • Be Stronghold level 6 or above.
  • Have an available Battle Stone.
  • Have an Ancient with the Daily Elemental Power (For an overview of Ancients and their Elemental Powers, please see our wiki here: wiki.rivalkingdomsgame.com/ancients:overview

Gold are rewarded for defeating each campaign. If player retries to loot a base already defeated, the prior rewards are deducted from the total amount that can be obtained from each base. Players will not receive (or lose) any Honor in these battles.

  • Bonus Starting Mana - for the rest of the day, players gain an extra 3 starting mana with any Ancients they use of the Daily Element. This applies to all battle types including Kingdom Raids, single-player missions, multiplayer matches, and individual Tournaments.
  • Elemental Chest Reward

New Ancients
Tied with Daily Campaign - all are Epic rarity! The more you battle, the higher the chance to obtain the new epic Ancients.

These Ancients are ONLY obtainable from Daily Campaign.

  • Karis - Fire 
  • Adhira - Lightning 
  • Amani - Nature 
  • Siku - Ice 
  • Moloch - Death 

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