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Malice Kingdom event update

Last Updated: Oct 15, 2015 04:03PM UTC
After receiving very valuable feedback and suggestions from our players on the ways to obtain Lost Souls, we've decided to apply some changes to them in accordance with our philosophy to bring a fun and engaging experience for everyone.

The changes were applied to the following aspects:
  • 1 Lost Soul per victory in PVP or Arena
  • +1 additional Lost Soul per victory while using a Death Ancient
After the changes, here are the current ways players can obtain Lost Souls and additional Lost Souls:
  • 2 Lost Souls per victory in PVP or Arena
  • Death Ancients +0 Lost Souls
  • Malice (Ancient form) +1 Lost Souls
  • Malice (Dragon form) no additional Lost Souls
  • Soul Sacrifice Booster
    A random drop in Relic and Arena chests or from Lost Soul Chests which you can obtain from the store for 250 Diamonds
    Effect: Fallen troops raise Undead Warriors
    * Superior: +1 Lost Soul
    * Rare: +2 Lost Souls
    * Epic: +3 Lost Souls
    * Legendary: +4 Lost Souls
A few players have shared their concerns about the last minute investments in Primus and Gold they made for the Death Ancients in order to use them during the event, in response we're requesting all of our players who upgraded their Death Ancients 24 hours before the event to write to support from within the game so we can look into this situation in the next few days.

Once again we'd like to thank you for your feedback on this matter as it help us keep the game and its events competitive and exciting.

The Space Ape support team

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