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9th October Update: iOS 5.3, Android: 1251.0.0.0

Last Updated: Oct 22, 2015 05:26PM UTC

-Stability improvement

-During combat, an additional little Kami icon on the troop deploy images shows what troops are being buffed by a

Visiting the alliance profile, you can see how many skills points the alliance members have unlocked.

-Visiting a base shows how many skills point have been unlocked by that player. That information is not shown while searching for a battle, so make sure you know everything about your enemies first!

While upgrading your Kami Tree allows you to get 4 additional Skill Points per Kami Tree level, it will now also give you a potential 4 additional War Points per battle. Having a Kami Tree
level 25 means then a potential 100 War Points per battle. e.g. a player castle level 11 fighting another castle level 11 can do 468 War Points without the Kami Tree. Having the Kami Tree level 25, that player would do 568 War Points. Doing a 2 stars victory, he would then earn 340 War Points, as 60% (2 stars victory) * 568 = 340 War Points.

the cap for Freeze Trap will be increased from 3 to 4 for Castle level 10.

-The Bomb Trap cap will be raised from 3 to 4 for Castle level 11.

♦ Please note, this is not currently a forced update, you will need to visit the Apple/Google Play store to download it. We advise you to download the new version of the game within the next 24 hours in order not to experience any interruption to gameplay when the update becomes forced during the next few days.
♦♦ Previous version battle history replays will not be available, but all new version battles will be available for replay.

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