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This Official Samurai Siege F.A.Q is compiled of frequently asked questions from our players. Please check back often for updates!


Q. Is it possible to change or edit my village name after it has been created?
A. Village name changes will only be granted if one of the following applies:*
* The village name is deemed to be offensive or otherwise violates our terms of service
* The village name contains a person's real full name (first name + last name)
* The village name contains a spelling mistake, in which case we will correct the mistake.

Q. How do I restart my game from the beginning?
A: As there can only be one Samurai Siege account per GameCenter, it is not possible to restart your game. However, you can start a new game on any device that doesn't have a previous install of Samurai Siege on it using a different GameCenter account.

Q. How do I move things around in my village (redecorate)?
A. Simply click on the structure to select it, then drag it to the position you want.
From Castle level 6 and above you will get access to the Edit Village mode.

Q. Is it possible to rotate objects before placing them?
A. At present, rotating objects is not an option

Q. How can I earn more coins and essence?
A. You can earn coins and essence in a few different ways:
1. Play through the world map.
2. Upgrade your Markets and Essence Wells.
 - Collect Coins at a Market. Spend them to upgrade buildings.
 - Collect Essence from the Essence Well. Spend it to train troops.
3. Battle other players and steal resources.
4. Build the Daily Gift Shrine from production tab of your build button. You may win resources every 24 hours.
5. Join an Alliance and enter the weekly tournaments - there are numerous prizes on offer every week.

Q. Why am I missing resources?
A. When someone raids your village you actually lose the coins and essence that they steal* Conversely, when you raid someone else’s village they also lose everything that you have stolen.
* Please note... Currently the percentage of resources that you can potentially lose during a raid on your village is 20% of your storages and 50% of the content inside your markets and wells.
Also note that during some contests and events these numbers can be subject to change.

Q. Why haven't I received my video ad rewards yet?
A: Due to works in the video ad service, the rewards might sometimes be slightly delayed. This, however, isn't a common occurence you should experience very seldomly. If this happens, please allow 48h to receive your rewards. If you still haven't received them after that period, please contact our customer support team.

Q. How can I get more diamonds other than through the in-game purchase menu?
A. There are a few ways you can earn diamonds
1. Join an Alliance
-  Every time your alliance levels up you will receive diamonds.
- Take part in Alliance wars, there are diamond pay-outs for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. The amount of diamonds you receive is based on your Alliance level.
- Enter the weekly events with your Alliance - there are numerous prizes on offer every week.
2. Watch out for the Tapjoy offers - simply tap the “Free Diamonds” icon avaliable via the build menu.
3. Take part in the weekly leagues by fighting multi-player battles.

Q. Who are the little people and why are they running amok in my village?
A. They're your villagers and they are taking care of things (i.e. Upgrading buildings/fences/etc.)

Q. How do I upgrade my buildings?
A: In order to upgrade a building, you must tap the building to select it first. This will tell you how many resources the building will require. If you can afford it and your carpenter is not busy then click the upgrade button. On this screen, click the green button under “Upgrade Now?” that states the resource cost.
A countdown will now appear above the building you are upgrading. You can choose to wait the time out or pay diamonds to speed up the upgrade.

Q. Why do buildings take so long to upgrade?
A: As you progress, the upgrades to buildings take longer to build and become more expensive because they are becoming more “powerful” and provide extra protection and/or benefits to your village!

Q. Is there a faster way to build Walls/fences other than constantly going in and out of the Build menu?
A. If you click on a wall in your village you get an option that says build more and clicking it will cause a new wall to pop up next to it.

Q. How do I level up?
A. You can earn XP to level up in the following ways:
1. Building and upgrading items in your village
2. Completing nodes on the World Map
3. Winning Battles and destroying Castles in multiplayer mode.
As you level up you will be awarded badges, your current badge and level is displayed to the left of your village name. You can check the amount of XP needed for you next level by taping your badge.

Q. Why don’t I have a newsfeed?
A. Newsfeeds will be available for you in-game once you reach Castle level 4.

Q. How do players change their background?
A. The feature to change your homeland unlocks at Castle level 5 - you can access it by tapping on the castle and clicking on the homeland button or from the menu.


Q: When can I get attacked?
A: You can only be attacked when you're offline and without a shield.
​NOTE: If you have no shield while watching video ads, you can still be attacked as it's as if you were offline

Q: What is a shield and how does it work?
A: A shield is something that protects your village from being able to be attacked by other players. You will receive a shield on your village when you are attacked. The amount of time that a shield lasts for depends on how much damage was done to your village during the battle that created the shield.

For example, a battle that did not cause much damage to your village may create a shield that lasts for 30 minutes. However, a battle that wipes out all of your buildings may leave your village protected for several hours. You can check your shield status by referencing the top left hand corner of your screen.

For 3% - 39% damage you will receive 30 Minutes Shield
For 40% - 59% damage you will receive 10 Hours Shield
For 60% - 89% damage you will receive 14 Hours Shield
For 90% - 100% damage you will receive 16 Hours Shield

NOTE: If you decide to battle other players while you have a shield up you will remove the shield that is currently protecting your village. However, you may play the single player map while shielded.
Shields can also be purchased via the in-game store.

Q: What happens when you have no shield?
A: If your shield status says no “no shield” then your village is not currently protected from other players and you may be attacked.

Q: Can I attack a specific village or person or friend?
A: No, you can only start a multiplayer battle and you will be randomly matched with an opponent. You are able to do a one time revenge attack on people who have attacked you from the battle log.

Q. When attacking another village, can I specify where and what to attack?
A. The troops have minds of their own. What they do is based on the kind of troop they are. Samurais and Archers will attack the first thing in their way. Ninjas are crafty and like to steal, causing them to hit the buildings that contain resources first. Place your troops in a way that best encourages them to do what you want them to do. Finally, the commander troop is a leader. A commander can "influence" other troops to attack defences first.

Q) When playing multiplayer battles, is anything over 50% damage a win?
A) Yes, this is correct. Defeating 50% or more of a player's village is considered a win. This works when other players attack you too. If someone destroys 50% or more of your village, it is considered a loss for you.

Q) When attacking, does the castle determine the win?
A) Defeating someone's castle is an automatic win regardless of the percentage of damage you achieve. Make sure you keep that in mind when determining the placement of everything in your village!

Q. When I click "Revenge" on the battlelog, why are some players not available for attack?
A. This can happen for one of two reasons:
1) The player may be online. You can't fight people who are online. (This means that when you are online, they can't fight you!)
2) That player may be shielded.

Q. Why does my loot disappear?
A. You steal loot items from opposing players by destroying their castle. If your village is attacked and your castle destroyed, you will lose a loot item to that player. Try attacking the player back to see if you can reclaim your loot!

Q. How do i claim my loot?
A. Tap Menu > Loot at the bottom left of the screen.

Q. Why did my mercenary camp/cannon of doom change level?
A. The level of camp/cannon you receive from loot collecting is related to your honor level, the higher your honor, the higher the level of camp/cannon you receive.

Q. Why do I get attacked by people who are ranked much higher than me?
A. In multiplayer battles you are matched with people who have a similar honor points to yourself. Therefore, someone who may have a higher level than you can be matched with you if their honor points are similar to yours.

Q. Do you have any advice for getting past the Ninja Rogues battle?
A. First, try upgrading your camps to take in more troops. Additionally, train up 10 ninjas and 10 Samurai. Send the ninjas in first and they eat up the resources quickly and then a few seconds later send in the Samurai.

Q. How do i upgrade my troops?
A. The Blacksmith is used to upgrade non-magical troops (e.g. Samurai, Archer). It is unlocked during the Single-Player Campaign. You can upgrade the blacksmith to unlock higher level of upgrades for your current troops. Upgrade your magical troops (Healer, Essence Master and Dragon) at the Ancient Temple. For more in depth information game help, check our Duxter portal here: http://duxter.com/game/samurai-siege

Q. Why can’t I switch my troop’s ability?
A. If you are upgrading the Blacksmith or one of your troops, you are unable to switch troops troop’s ability. Please wait until upgrade is finished.

Q. Why can’t I upgrade all my troop's abilities?
A. Some weapon variations are still greyed out. This means that these abilities have not been made available in game yet.

Q. Why didn’t my alliance troops appear for my defensive battle?
A. Portal troops can be used only for one battle. If you are attacked and the rival army triggered your portal troops, they wont be available next time you are attacked unless you have filled your portal again via the request button.

Q. Why cant I train my dragons?
A. In order to train dragons you need to have at least 700 honour points - if you drop below this your train dragon button will become greyed out - once your honor is back over the 700 mark, your dragons will become available again.


Q. How do I join or create an alliance?
A: When you click the “my alliance” tab on the left side of the screen, you receive the options of joining an alliance or creating a new alliance. If you choose to join an alliance you will be taken to the following screen:


If you know what alliance you would like to join, click “search alliances” button and you will receive a text box that you can use to type in the alliance you want to join.

After you type the name of the alliance you would like to join, click “search alliances”. You will receive a list of alliances that contain the words you entered.

When you see the name of the alliance that you want to join, click “view”. You will receive a screen that contains information about the alliance. This screen will allow you to join the alliance

If you would prefer to create your own alliance; click the “my alliance” screen on the left hand side of the screen and select create alliance. This will pop up a screen that you can complete to create your own brand new alliance. Fill out all of the options and then click “Create Alliance”

Q) Why can't I see the Alliance tab?
A) You need to complete "Noisy Neighbours" mission (3rd mission) on the world map before the Alliance tab appears ingame

Q. How does donating troops and battling within the alliances work?
A. You can donate troops to other alliance members via the Alliance portal; additionally, they can also donate troops to you in return. Alliances level up with more members and more activity. Each time your alliance levels up you are paid in diamonds. An alliance can declare war on other alliances – in this situation, 4 alliances are matched against each other in a 12 hour battle and the top 3 alliances receive diamonds.

Q. How can I help increase the level of my alliance?
A. Your alliance levels up by increasing member’s normal experience. You can contribute to it by upgrading your buildings and donating troops.

Q. If my alliance is in a war and I choose to seek revenge through the history menu, will that contribute to my alliance war?
A. Yes!! While at war, any battles you fight count towards the war. The only battles that don't earn you warpoints are the map ones.


Q) How can I check how many and what kind of troops I have trained and ready to go?
A) At the bottom right hand side of the screen, Click on the “Troops” icon, which is left of the Battle button. Additionally, you can locate a list of your troops by selecting a practice yard and selecting “my army”

Q. How do I get better defences and troops?
A) Progress through the battle map through the different levels. This will help you unlock different army units and different building types to help you get stronger.
Additionally, by building a blacksmith, you can upgrade your troops to make them stronger. You can do this by clicking on a blacksmith that is placed in your village and selecting “improve troops”
Clicking “improve troops” will allow you to select which type of troop you would to upgrade and also give you a list of the additional benefits each upgrade brings.

Q. What is the maximum number of spells that a level one (1) scroll statue can generate?
A. You can build a maximum of 2, but you can queue a maximum of three. So basically you can queue 3, 2 will build and the third will stay in the queue. When you use up one of those then the third one will come off the queue.

Q. Will my dojos produce stronger troops if I upgrade them?
A. Upgrading your dojos will only increase queue length, allowing you to queue more troops at a given time. The blacksmith make your troops stronger.

Q. What is the logic around where the healer is assigned?
A: They find their closest injured ally. Once they've picked a target, they stay with him until he dies. So if there's an injured Archer on the other side of the map and no injured allies close by, they'll start going that way. Once they are on a decided course, they will not deviate from that course, even if closer allies become injured.

Q. Where is the best place to put a commander and what are the benefits of having more than one?
A. The Commander influences a portion of troops to attack defensive buildings first. He also has more health and can endure more damage than some other troops. The more you use, more troops will follow them to take down defenses. Levelling up your Commander will cause him to influence more troops.

If you have any issues that were not answered by this FAQ, please contact our customer support team at support@spaceapegames.com


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