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Fire Born III: Fire Born Kingdom Event Update

Last Updated: Dec 17, 2015 11:17AM UTC

During the Fire Born Kingdom Event there was an issue whereby certain players were rewarded two Magma Stones due to a technical glitch on our end. This was through no fault of the players who received two, and we have been actively reviewing the issue to determine a fair solution for all players impacted - both those who received 2 and those who received the correct amount (1). We apologize for the length of time it has taken to come to a resolution. Please continue reading for an update on the issue:

We will be granting a second Magma Stone to all players who received one Magma Stone in the 
Fire Born Kingdom event.  It is not necessary to write in to support. Players will be automatically provided the second stone if they were eligible and we will update this post when the process is complete. 

UPDATE on 17/12/2015
We have now completed the process and all the players 
who received one Magma Stone in the Fire Born Kingdom event have received another Magma Stone each.

Please Note:
In the future events, Space Ape reserves the right to REMOVE duplicates that are given out in error. This will normally be the fairest solution for all players impacted.

And finally, happy Holidays! SH16 is coming, so expect more Legendary Ancients coming to Rival Kingdoms to aid you in the Battlefield of Estara!

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