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Multiple Special Offer Purchases

Last Updated: Jan 25, 2017 01:13PM UTC

Hello Siege players,


We are aware that some players have been able to buy multiple special offers. Our team of developers are currently working to prevent this from happening in the future.


While they are working on this and after receiving multiple reports from the community of players, we have deemed it best for the game and our player base to enforce a new rule, limiting multiple pack purchases.


Samurai Siege is a highly charged competitive game, particularly at the top levels and any change to our policies always affects some players positively and others negatively.  


The new rule will be active from Thursday, May 5th at midnight (GMT) and we will take action on the special offers purchased after this date only.


We are very reluctant to ever retrospectively enforce a newly created policy but we want to provide a fair environment to all players going forwards.


We will not be altering any past results in Samurai Siege or entertain any requests to investigate who was previously using the multiple pack purchase method.  


We will, however, be introducing the new rules regarding this issue and they will be effective immediately:


  • There will be a limit of 1 single Special Offer bundle purchase per account allowed during the offer period.

  • Players found in violation of this rule will be excluded from rewards or recognition based on rankings in the global personal or alliance leaderboard.

  • Players found in violation of this rule are subject to recall of the items gained via this exploit. Substitutions for items removed may be made at the discretion of the customer support team. We might temporarily limit the access to players account during this process.

  • Accidental double purchase of Special Offer bundles will continue to be reviewed case-by-case by our customer support team, and will not be treated as exploitation.

  • We may return lost honor to those who have been attacked by players with multiple packs after this rule is enacted on Thursday, May 5th 2016 at midnight (00:00 GMT). Each situation will be assessed on a case-by-case basis by our Customer Support team and the final decision remains at their discretion.​​​
  • Accounts found to be in violation of this rule multiple times could face the same type of sanctions normally applied to regular cases of foul play. Please note this may include permanent bans.


To be clear we will not:

  • Make any adjustment to the personal leader honor board or alter past contest or war results because of past multiple Special Offer bundle purchases.

  • Issue direct refunds to players found in violation of this rule, or to affected defenders.

  • Offer any honor compensation retroactively, as per our guidelines.

  • Show any leniency or exceptions if your account is jeopardised or banned as a result of conduct by another player with whom you have shared your logins.


We realise this is a sensitive and highly emotionally charged topic and we hope all our players will understand that this new rule is aimed at keeping Samurai Siege as fair as possible for all.


The Samurai Siege Team


All parts of this rule have been written in agreement with the sections 2.3.2.b and 4.1.3 of the Space Ape Terms & Conditions.

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