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War League

Last Updated: Oct 20, 2017 02:23PM UTC

Get ready for the Midweek War league which gives you the opportunity to get even more rewards out of your Classic wars!

All wars during a 24 hour period will be eligible for entry into the War League rankings. You will compete with 3 more alliances in a classic war but your score will be compared to all the alliances playing a 6 hours classic war during the time of this event!

The 50 alliances scoring the most warpoints during the time of a classic war will receive loads of Jade, Essence and Onyx plus extra Diamonds!

The top scoring alliances during the War League will enter the War League ranking and receive prizes according to their rank. If your alliance fights more than one war during the 24 hour period, only the highest scoring war will count - so each alliance can only receive one War League prize.
(Only classic alliance wars that start and end between the War League period automatically qualify for the War League ranking. Alliances can see their highest war score in the War League via the in-game ‘Contest’ tab. Players can also see their current alliance ranking via the War League banner on their screen. If an alliance qualifies for a reward, only the players who are in the alliance at the end of the contest will be awarded.)

The war league events are reward based events that are currently in a trial period. At present, the final standings will not be published on the KB and the winners of this event will not appear in the Hall of Fame. We consider the Hall of Fame the place for the winners of our full length events such as Personal Tournaments, Alliance Tournaments and Legends of War.

Only alliance wars that START and END between the period of the event will qualify.

Thus, qualifying Classic wars must START no sooner than 11am GMT on Tuesday and no later than 5am GMT on Wednesday.

*Please keep in mind you need to allow time for the matchmaking process (declaring a few minutes before 5am may mean you are not matched in time.)

Prize Tiers

Please note, you must remain with your alliance until you have received your prizes.

*War Idol will expire after 3 days in the rewards tab if not claimed on time. Once placed on your village, they will last for 3 days. All the idols can be stacked with the ones from the store.

**The Temporary Mercenary License will unlock a VERY powerful Mercenary to be trained in the Dojo, available until the following Tuesday. Players will need to have Blacksmith level 8 in order to see it in the dojo.

War Idol (XL) provides +20 war points per battle.
War Idol (L) provides +10 war points per battle.
War Idol (M) provides +5 war points per battle.
War Idol (S) provides +3 war points per battle.

War Idol (XS) provides +1 war points per battle.

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