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Ingot Rush Tournament (Dragon Scroll)

Last Updated: Oct 20, 2017 04:54PM UTC

Enjoy the great generosity of the great Elders as they share a wealth of Ingots with the bravest and most battle hardened warriors of Bamboo Valley.

To help you in your fearless quest for Ingots, a deadly DRAGON SCROLL will be available to train in the scroll statue, from Wednesday, October 4th at 11am GMT until the end of the event.

Deploy this ghost Dragon right in the middle of your enemies' village and watch them turn into a frozen field of ruins in record time!

Organize your Alliance and prepare to win a bountiful amount of prizes. Once your alliance declares war, you will have 48 hours to accumulate as many war points as possible. 

This special event does not feature a Tiered Leaderboard nor Tiered Leaderboard Prizes.

Contest Period:
• Registration Starts: Thursday, October 5th @ 11am GMT
• Registration Ends: Saturday, October 7th @ 11am GMT
• Contest Ends: Monday, October 9th @ 11am GMT

How to qualify:
Registration starts on Thursday, October 5th @ 11am GMT and alliances will have 48 hours to register for the contest. Once an alliance declares, it will have 48 hours to compete to win prizes.

* Once an alliance declares war, it will have 48 hours to accumulate war points.
* Ghost Villages will be in full effect.

Prize Tiers


Please keep in mind qualification for rewards requires the following of the rules listed below:


Q: Will defensive points count?
A: Yes, defensive points will count.

Q: Will the shields durations be halved?
A: No

Q: Can I leave my Alliance and join another to contribute to their war even if it has already started?
A: Yes, you can leave your Alliance to join another. You will be able to contribute with your war points to the war of the new Alliance even if it has already started.

Q: Will the war points I have already scored be added to the war points of the new Alliance if I join it?
A: No, the war points you have previously scored will not be counted in the totals of the new Alliance you join. Only the war points you score while you are a member of that Alliance will count towards the total points of that Alliance. All the war points you score will still remain in your personal war points total.

Q: Will my war points be removed from an Alliance if I leave it?
A: No, your war points will not be removed from an Alliance if you leave it. You will no longer be displayed in the war contributor list, but your points will still remain in the total war points of that Alliance.

Q: Where can I find my prizes?
A: You can find all the prizes that you have claimed in the Rewards tab of your History Log.

Q: How can I claim my prize?
A: By clicking on the prize in your rewards tab.

Q: Will my prize expire?
A: Yes - Prizes stored in your rewards tab will eventually expire if you do not claim them. There is a timer with each prize telling you how long you have left to claim it.

Q: I joined a new alliance and earned some of the prizes again... why didn't I receive them?
A: You may only earn and receive each prize once.

Q: I joined an Alliance that has already claimed prizes, why haven’t I got any?
A: You cannot claim the prizes that an Alliance claimed when you still were not a member.

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