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The Elders Tournament

Last Updated: Feb 06, 2018 05:44PM UTC

The tournaments organised by the Elders over the festive period were a great success. While driving competition, they managed to improve relations with neighbouring villages and allies.

Therefore, they have decided to organize a new mid-week iteration. All villagers, warriors and shoguns are encouraged to participate and will be rewarded with bountiful riches and glory.

The spectators are gathering and the warriors getting ready to showcase their true potential. Join the villagers, prove your worth and collect precious war idols for the upcoming alliance tournament!

A Tournament room will open for 24h (with a required registration period until the morning of the 2nd day).

Player Eligibility

  • All castle levels.
  • Players are not required to be in an Alliance to participate.
  • There will be a 6 hour armistice prior to start of the contest.
  • There will be a one hour armistice after the end of the contest.
Assigning Rooms
  • Players get assigned to a room as soon as they choose to enroll in the Elders Tournament Rooms
  • Players are assigned to an open person room (45-50 members).
  • Rooms are filled by “first come, first served” and are not based on player's Honor.
Accumulating Points
  • Winning battles gives you points!
  • The competition starts as soon as a player enters the room, even if it is not entirely full.
  • Players accumulate points in the exact same way as they would for normal war points.
  • Players can see a ranked leaderboard of war points for all players in their room.
  • Players cannot go below zero war points.
Completion and Rankings
  • During the first day of the tournament, the leaderboard shows a ranking of all players in their room.
  • At the end of the room competition duration (24 hours), players get rewarded based on their ranking.
  • Each room prizes will be rewarded in the hour following the room completion.
  • Players receive their rewards based on the reward set (same for all rooms).
  • **Please note that In the event of a tie, the FIRST player who reaches the war point amount will receive the reward. The in-game display panel will show which player is in the first position.
  • Please note - If you are engaged in battle the room is ending, you may earn warpoints that may be added to your total but deducted in the final standings. These points are considered earned after the end time of competition and therefore cannot contribute to your final ranking.
Reward Sets (similar to every room)

*The War Idol will expire after 3 days in the rewards tab if not claimed on time. Once placed on your village, they will last for 3 days. All the idols can be stacked with the ones from the store.

War Idol (XL) provides +20 war points per battle.
War Idol (L) provides +10 war points per battle.
War Idol (M) provides +5 war points per battle.
War Idol (S) provides +3 war points per battle.

War Idol (S) provides +1 war points per battle.

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