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Last Updated: Oct 25, 2018 06:33PM UTC
In the past few weeks, the topic of ‘foul play’ has become more prevalent in the community.

We have taken this opportunity to again remind our players that foul play in Siege will not be tolerated and are once again advising you on our policies.

As we take these issues very seriously, our standard operating procedure on all of our games is to run game-wide checks regularly and investigate any cases reported. These checks are done in real-time, hourly, weekly, and periodically (dependent on the issue - such as refund abuse). As most of our community is aware, we apply sanctions ranging from event rewards removal escalating to permanent bans depending on the severity.

What not to do?
  Installing third party software that modifies the app internal code is strictly against our Terms & Conditions and prohibited. It is clearly unethical and, in some cases, illegal. We have no hesitation in banning and in some cases will consider legal action against players who do this.

The use of Bluestacks is tolerated. Please be aware that Samurai Siege is not optimized for this software and we cannot guarantee good performance and game fluidity on this platform. Also, we will not provide support for accounts played in Bluestacks. If your account is stolen, corrupted, bricked, otherwise tampered with or shows any issues that are Bluestacks related, we will not retrieve or restore your account, and might not be able to provide troubleshooting for it. However, we are still able to screen for this and will take any action deemed necessary if an account using Bluestacks is found to be using this 3rd party app to play in a way deemed inappropriate by the devs or unfair to the rest of the community.

The use of bots or third party applications used to simulate game play, with or without the presence of the player, are deemed inappropriate usage of the game by the devs and unfair to the community. For this reason, we will also be running checks for accounts using these tools and will apply the same type of sanctions normally applied to regular cases of foul play. Please note this may include permanent bans.
  • Exploiting a Bug/Loophole
Exploiting a bug in the official version of the game that not all players might be aware of and other attempts to use loopholes to take advantage of the game is against our TOS. By using an exploit in the game, you are attempting to gain an unfair advantage. Players should report these issues to customer service when identified. Failure to do so and continued use of the exploit may potentially result in sanctions.
  The 3 device rule will continue to be enforced for all our alliance and personal events. Players who use more than 3 devices during the period of the event (regardless of if just battling, purchasing something, claiming rewards or simply loading the game) will be disqualified from the event and removed from the tiered Leaderboard. Tiered Leaderboard rewards will be removed from those transgressing this rule.

There's currently a limit of 1 single Special Offer bundle purchase per account allowed during the offer period. Multiple purchases will be flagged and players found in violation of this rule and using the content of the pack during events will be excluded from rewards or recognition based on rankings in the global personal or alliance leaderboard.
Players found in violation of this rule are subject to recall of the items gained via this exploit. Substitutions for items removed may be made at the discretion of the customer support team.
Accounts found to be in violation of this rule multiple times could face the same type of sanctions normally applied to regular cases of foul play. Please note this may include permanent bans.

" Your account is personal to you and you shall not purchase, sell, gift or trade any Account, or make any such offer, and any attempt shall be null and void. SpaceApe does not recognize and expressly forbids the transfer of Accounts. Any distribution by you of your Account and/or your Login information (except as expressly provided herein or otherwise explicitly approved by SpaceApe) may result in suspension or termination of your account."

What could happen to your account?

Any players suspected of foul play are likely to have their account suspended for a short period of time while we run an investigation. The account will not be released until we have concluded the investigation. For this reason, we cannot guarantee the account will be available in time for events, sales or other time sensitive opportunities. If no proof of foul play is found, the account will be released, however, there will be no compensation for honor points lost, rewards or camps expired during that time.

If there is proof of foul play backed by our logs and/or data, the account will be suspended immediately. Prizes obtained through foul play will be removed from the account permanently.

Once an account is suspended it will then be up to the team to decide if the account will be released after a certain period of time, based on an internal set of criteria, or if it will remain suspended indefinitely/permanently. The decision by Space Ape is final.

If your account happens to have VIP status and is indefinitely/permanently banned, this status could/will be stripped from it.

As per our policy, we will show no leniency to any players whose accounts were jeopardized or banned as a result of sharing your login information. It’s each player's responsibility to ensure the safety of their account. If you think your account might have been jeopardized, please change your passwords and/or contact Apple or Google to enquire what else can be done in order to secure it.

How do we detect foul play?

We use a combination of custom tools, analytics, and the assistance of our community to detect these issues. As this is a high priority for our team to ensure an uncompromised experience for our players, we are continually evolving and defining new processes and procedures to tackle these emerging issues.

If you suspect a player for foul play, please do let us know through support@spaceapegames.com so we can run an investigation and, by consequence, take any action deemed necessary.

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