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Conquest War Prizes Increase

Last Updated: Feb 13, 2017 10:53AM UTC
We’ve received frequent feedback from our players that Alliance loyalty and cohesion is on a decline. We have thought of various solutions for the concerns below:
  • Improving team collaboration and alliance cohesion.
  • Prevent the “one and done” behavior that can significantly weaken the strength of an alliance in the long run.

As an incentive for wars and a reward to those who put in the time and effort to do conquest wars and help themselves or their fellow alliance members with an Onyx boost, we will be raising payouts!
  • 1st place will now win triple the amount of Onyx
  • 2nd place will now win double the amount of Onyx

In addition, and as an effort to tackle the lack of alliance loyalty, promote stronger alliances and give a helping hand to our Alliance’s team spirit, we will be implementing a personal cooldown.
  • When you join a new alliance, you will have to wait 6 hours before you can participate in a Conquest War.
  • If your cooldown has finished in the middle of a conquest war, you will not be able to join that war.
  • This cooldown only applies to Conquest War and does not apply to regular wars.
  • This Cooldown will not affect individual efforts such as personal leagues.

Please note: The current 6h cooldown between conquest wars (or 12h if you count from the start of a declared war) will remain untouched.
Also, we reserve the right to make any changes deemed necessary to this feature, for the balance of the game or the greater good of the community.

UPDATE (13/02/2017) - These recent tweaks were brought in order to tackle the players' sentiment that the alliance cohesion was on a decline. The current 12 hours cooldown (running since the start of the war) was not quite in line with this decision. For this reason, we have decided to reduce the cooldown in between Conquest Wars to 6 hours (running since the start of the war).

This means that the same alliance will now be able to declare a Conquest Wars every 6 hours regardless of the time they needed to finish the previous one.

The new cooldown duration will be active in-game from Monday, February 13th at
12pm GMT.

For more info on Conquest Wars, click here.

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