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Troop Improvements (31/01/2018)

Last Updated: Feb 01, 2018 12:30PM UTC
After receiving some feedback on the power of some of the game's troops, we have decided to take another look and consider any improvements deemed necessary. In most instances, we concluded some troops did not offer enough elemental resistance to be relevant strategic units and to fit nicely in the game balance the team aims to achieve. For these reasons, we have decided to increase the elemental resistance against specific elements for several troops.

Elemental resistance is the resistance against a particular type of damage (ricochet, ice, lightning etc). After the change, you might find some of your troops will resist better to a certain kind of defence buildings. Among the troops with improved elemental resistance, you will find, for example, the Beetle Hero and Ifrith Lv. 3.

The complete list of troops affected by this change is available below.

The change will take place during Wednesday's maintenance after 1pm GMT (31/01/2018).

Troops Improved:

7 Samurais
Beetle Shrine
Brimstone Oni
Frostinator 3000
Essence Master Statue Lv. 2 (Onyx Master Statue)
Gold Master Statue
Silver Master Statue
Stone Master Statue
Gold Mongol Statue
Silver Mongol Statue
Stone Mongol Statue
Gold Oni Statue
Silver Oni Statue
Stone Oni Statue
Onyx Oni (not a statue)
Ice Queen Elsa
Ifrith 3
Master Orochi
Prismatic Sage
Gold Skeleton Statue
Silver Skeleton Statue
Stone Skeleton Statue
Gold Winter Oni Statue
Silver Winter Oni Statue
Stone Winter Oni Statue

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