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Fair Play Enforcement

Last Updated: Feb 07, 2018 03:21PM UTC

As an effort to make Samurai Siege a fairer environment for all our players, we have put in place new parameters to detect and handle suspicious accounts.

Flaggings brought up by this system will result in an automatic account ban for a specified period of time.

As we tighten the search for accounts incurring in practices that aren’t in line with our rules, this will also mean a slight rise in false-positive results. We do apologize for the inconvenience this might cause to some players and appreciate your understanding.

If you believe your account has been flagged and locked incorrectly, please do let our support know so they can take note of that. However, please note no accounts will be unlocked before the planned time of release.


Not sure if you've broken the rules? Here are some of the things that are against our rules and would flag your account:

- If you’ve recently used a bot or a third party app to run the game or modify aspects of it

- Shared and/or sold your account

- Exploited a bug or loophole present in the game


If you’ve done none of the above and are still unsure if you’ve broken any of our rules in any way, you can read them in their entirety in our fair play guidelines article (http://bit.ly/2EHo1Gd) and terms and conditions (http://bit.ly/2E4CNFV).

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