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Prize Rule Change and Survey Results (Elemental Lion LoW)

Last Updated: Feb 09, 2018 04:30PM UTC
During the past year, we have received feedback that the rules currently in place during Legends of War events might favor ways of playing considered unfair by some: namely multiple runs allowing players to earn rewards for wars they have not participated in.

As it appeared difficult to reach a consensus on this issue among Siege players, we decided to run a survey to ask you whether you would like us to introduce a rule limiting this practice after having tested it in a War Rush League event. As stated then, we did not commit to reveal the result nor act upon it.

Today, we have decided to implement this rule in the coming Legends of War event to give a chance to what the majority of players think is a fairer way to play.

The result of the LoW multiple run question read as follows:

59.25% of players consider it was unfair for players to get rewards if they have not played for it and were in favour of introducing the rule.

40.75% of players decided that they should be able to get rewards in a LoW given by another player even if they have not participated in the war that qualified the alliance for rewards.

Regarding the three device rule, which we also surveyed, it remains as is at the moment. If at some point we decide to implement some changes, this, as well as the survey results for it, will be announced.

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