Q: Can I choose a room?
A: No, you cannot choose a room. You will be assigned to the first room available when you join the Tournament.

Q: Why do I find players that have already started gaining their War Points when I joined my room?
A: Rooms can contain 50 players. A room can receive players until it is full and the players that joined a room can already start gaining war points even if the room is not full yet.

Q: Are players assigned to the rooms according to specific criteria?
A: No, rooms do not follow any criteria other than the “first come, first served” in accepting the players.

Q: Why haven’t the War Points of my last attack been counted in my total?
A: If your last attack's war points haven’t been counted in your totals it means that the Day of the Tournament ended while your battle was still ongoing. You need to complete the battle within the specific Day’s duration in order for your last attack to be valid and for the War Points to be added to your total. 

Q: Where can I find my prize?
A: You can find your prize in the Rewards tab of your History Log.

Q: Do prizes expire in my Rewards tab?
A: Yes, prizes will expire in your Rewards tab if you do not claim them. All prizes have a timer telling you how long you have left to claim it.

Q: Will shields durations be halved?
A: No, shield durations will remain as normal.

Q: Can we synch for first place in our rooms?
A: No. In the event of a tie, the first person to reach the war point total will receive the reward.

Q) Will warpoints scored in the tournament count towards the leagues?
A) Yes!! The leagues will not be closed, they are continuous, so all battles fought in the tournament will count towards the leagues too.

Q) Will Global leaderboards reflect my combined warpoints from day one and day two?
A) No. The global leaderboards will reflect day two scores only.